Super garden - competition winner 2016

Ireland’s national garden design competition, broadcast on RTE 1, films contestants for five weeks as they transform an unloved space into a beautiful garden, worthy of being recreated as a show garden.

This Victorian terraced house has a north facing orientation, so the terrace has been relocated to the far end of the garden, to catch the sun. The family has two dogs and two children, so the emphasis was on creating a safe and stimulating environment, with bright colours, a large lawn, and child-friendly materials.

Inspiration was taken from the neighbouring National Botanic Gardens, and also from the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakesh, which Alex has visited a number of times.

With a very limited budget, the aim of this project was to demonstrate how a sense of fun and joy can be bought to a previously neglected garden.

This garden was the competition winner, and the basis for ‘Glasnevin to Grenada’, the show garden Alex created at Bloom 2016.